Nobody’s children!

In Ghana, girls and young women get easily pregnant due to money-for-sex bargains and foto jongetjedue to ignorance… Being send away by their parents and with no husband around, these young women find themselves a room and in their attempt to survive, they mostly easily get pregnant again.  Soon the room becomes too small for their flourishing offspring.  Gradually, child by child is leaving the room and starts sleeping and eating here and there.  All though their very young age, these children manage to look for themselves and they don’t come home regularly anymore, or they don’t come home at all. They find companions everywhere, they group together and become part of a society within the society, with its own rules, laws and values.  Nobody motivates them to go school and they themselves don’t see the benefit in attending school, as they’re surviving anyway in their own way, that appears to them to be more relaxed and more free.  These children are very vulnerable to drug abuse and highly suggestible to commit small to serious criminal actions.

3 Responses to Nobody’s children!

  1. Bilal Salia says:

    Good work done here by Christine and Fuzi in inspiring the hopeless street children with some life here in Ghana and precisely Kintampo. This community is indeed the right place to do this due to its vulnerable nature.

  2. mahama fuseini says:

    Powered bylove was established to transform hopeless to hopeful.helpless to helpful.with the help of mama christine newly a established senior high school was provided with 6 computers to enhance the teaching and learning of ict. Brlliant students but needy are sponsored to continue their teacher

  3. mahama fuseini says:

    The contribution of poweredbylove in ghana is fantastic.6 computers were donated to Buipe SHS in the north .several brilliant but needy children were sponsored to continue their education.several inter cultural disscussion went on between christine moreel and the students buipe shs as well as chiefs and elders buipe.she spoke on the importance of peace and existance no mater the cultural and religious difference.we the other directors of othe NGO are doing our best to suport the effort of our co belgians.we solicit for suport from other brothers and sisters from belguim.thanks

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